Model DE Fre-Heater

Convert Wasted Heat into Free Hot Water with a Fre-Heater®!

Whether your dairy farm operation is large or small, you need plenty of hot water for equipment cleanup, cow prepping, and feeding calves. What better way is there to meet your everyday needs than with free hot water? The Mueller Fre-Heater recovers wasted heat from your milk cooler's condensing unit and uses it to heat water you can use for feeding calves and cleaning. Adding a Fre-Heater to your milk cooling system will drastically reduce the cost of hot water in your operation, thereby lowering your cost of production and enhancing your profitability.

Fre-Heater Model DE

Model DE is similar in construction to the Model D, and it also automatically recovers up to 60 percent of your system's wasted heat. A 4.5 kW heating element, however, is included for maintaining 120° to 170°F water. Model DE is available in 80- and 120-gallon sizes. The 120-gallon unit may be supplied with an optional 6 kW heating element for faster heat recovery.

Features and Benefits

  • Quality Assured - Complies with CE and CSA regulations.

  • Capacities To Meet Your Operational Needs - Available in 50- (Model D only), 80- (Models D and DE) and 120-gallon (Models D and DE) capacities.

  • Stainless Steel Outer Jacket - Rust resistant exterior requires no maintenance.

  • Totally Reliable - Industrial-grade, fully insulated, glass-lined storage tank ensures minimal heat loss and long-term reliability.

  • Patented Temp-Plate Design - Patented stainless steel Temp-Plate heat transfer surface cools superheated refrigerant from milk cooling condensing units and harvests the system's wasted heat energy.

  • Five-Year Limited Warranty - Protects your purchase and assures quality.