Digital E-Star® HiPerForm®

E-Star® Refrigeration Units

In the mid 1990’s Mueller set out to build the perfect dairy farm condensing unit. After years of development and testing The Milk Cooling Systems Specialist was ready to present this cooling machine to the dairy industry. When the first E-Star rolled off the production line in 1998 no one really knew the impact it would have on the dairy industry. As technology has advanced so has the E-Star. It is now 2015 and the E-Star has never been better!

The Digital Copeland® Scroll compressor is now in the driver’s seat of this new and improved E-Star. This digital technology allows a reduction in compressor capacity when it is not needed, lowering electricity consumption, ultimately reducing energy bills. But when you are milking your high group the E-Star will be ready to throttle up to 100%. Imagine automatically transitioning from a Prius to a Peterbilt based on your driving parameters.

Perfect for Robotic Milking

The new Digital E-Star is a perfect match for robotic milking. Its ability to reduce capacity allows small volumes of milk to be cooled immediately, no matter what size of milk cooler you may have. The goal is to cool your milk as quickly as possible and as efficiently as possible, without building ice and without damaging your equipment. The new Digital E-Star accomplishes just that. Turn this unit on as soon as milk touches your agitator and the unit will do the rest.

Features and Benefits

  • Most Energy Efficient System on the Market - Proprietary electronic subcooling valve and control completely flood the milk cooler evaporator for maximum operating efficiency.

  • Copeland® Scroll Compressor Design - A refrigeration compressor designed to handle the large temperature changes required to cool milk. Scroll technology is more energy efficient and has less moving parts than reciprocating compressors.

  • Maximum Evaporator Efficiency - Condenser subcooling coil ensures subcooled liquid refrigerant, ensuring maximum evaporator efficiency.

  • Enhanced Condenser Heat Transfer Surface - Enlarged tube-and-fin condenser with rifled tubing results in greater refrigeration capacity and efficiency.

  • Suction Line Accumulator Heat Exchanger - Increases system efficiency and protects compressor during low load conditions.

  • Longer Compressor Life - Screw terminals versus push-on terminals, which provide positive electrical connections and reduces compressor failure.

  • Single, Variable-Speed Fan with High-Efficiency Motor - Maintains an even air flow to increase capacity and efficiency of the compressor.

  • Greater Serviceability - Electrical compartment located in the upper front portion of the unit permits easy service access.

  • Alternate Refrigerants - HiPerForm is available for use with the environmentally friendly HFC-507.

  • Oil Sight Glass and Fill Port - Allows simple inspection of the compressor oil level and provides an easy method to add or change oil for future HFC refrigerant requirements.

  • Rust-Resistant Brass High- and Low-Side Valves - Located in front of the unit for easy service access without removing the cover.

  • Galvanized Three-Piece Cover - Heavy-duty metal enclosure protects the unit from the environment while providing safe operation. The three-piece construction provides easy service access.

  • Quality Assured - Meets worldwide standards such as CSA and CE.