HiPerCool® Packaged Chillers

Why HiPerCool

The pace of the dairy industry continues to accelerate. The old saying "time is of the essence" has never been more true. In today's market you, the Dairymen, are stretched thin and the dealers servicing your equipment are working around the clock. Tired of battling dairy down time or drawn out installations? Let the Milk Cooling Systems Specialists lend a helping hand. 

We now offer the HiPerCool, a self-contained package chiller built in a controlled enviroment and ready to make you money upon delivery. Simply plumb to an Accu-Therm plate cooler, wire, add a glycol chilling solution and turn it on. Driving this "ready to chill" package is the Electronic HiPerForm technology. Designed and made famous by The Milk Cooling Systems Specialists at Paul Mueller Company. This standard of milk cooling is leading the market. 

Features and Benefits

  • Chiller skid dimensions: 15 HP 197" L x 46" W x 82" H, 35 HP 244" L x 46" W x 82" H 
  • Chiller shipping weight:  4,000 lbs. for 15 hp and 4,900 lbs. for 35 hp.
  • Multi-Stage Chiller Control with up to ten independent programmable stage. This control is equipped with two temperature sensors and a motor starter allowing control over glycol pump(s).
  • Single point electrical service connections.
  • Built in over-current protect.
  • Compressor contactor installed in the enclosure.
  • Remote start capabilities grants control to the chiller inside the milk house preventing unnecessary trips to the utility room. 
  • Copeland Discus compressor, available in 15 or 35 horsepower.
  • Oil pressure safety control is mounted and wired.
  • Dual pressure control is mounted and wired.
  • Pressure operated freeze protection
  • Single unloader on 15 hp and dual unloader on 35 hp, mounted and wired.
  • Brazed plate evaporator, electronic subcooling valve and accumulator/heat exchanger installed.
  • Two inch water connections on brazed plate evaporator.

  • High efficiency condenser coils comprised of aluminum fins and copper tubes.
  • Direct-drive condenser motors, VFD ready.
  • Vertical air discharge.
  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel cabinet.
  • Single or dual pump options.
  • Approximately 250 U.S. gallon reservoir.
  • Wye strainer and isolation valve mounted.

Our Commitment

At Paul Mueller Company we understand you the Dairyman. We show up to work everyday with the goal of improving milk cooling and storage equipment, because at the end of the day your product matters as much to us as ours.