Falling Film Chillers

This unit requires the addition of refrigeration units, a circulation pump and an Accu-Therm plate heat exchanger. The falling film chiller can utilize from 2 to 16 stainless steel Temp-Plate evaporator plates with the capability of utilizing 5 to 10 hp refrigeration units per plate. This enables you to invest less initially and add plates as cooling needs increase over time.

Features and Benefits

  • Built To Last - Stainless steel water contact surfaces and outer jacket provide longer life than galvanized steel; reduces the possibility of leaks. 
  • Exclusive Temp-Plate Design - Patented Temp-Plate heat transfer surface provides the most efficient cooling possible. Eliminates evaporator ice buildup. 
  • Lower Cost - Refrigeration units operates only during milking, keeping milk cooling costs lower. 

  • Compact Design - Covers only 30-62 square feet of space. 
  • Energy Efficient - Closed loop system uses 150 to 650 gallons of water which limits water usage by recycling water through the water system. 
  • Expandable - Plates and cooling units can be added as your requirements change, depending on the chiller model chosen. 
  • Sized to Meet Your Needs - Available from as small as 10 hp and up to 160 hp models.

Multi-Stage Control

Our falling film chiller comes standard with our Multi-Stage Control system.