Compact Chillers

Eliminate or reduce refrigeration on your milk cooler! When you use a Mueller compact chiller in conjunction with a Mueller Accu-Therm plate heat exchanger you can either instant cool or precool your milk, depending on the milk flow.

The compact chiller cools a glycol solution that is circulated through the plate heat exchanger, which cools the milk and warms the chilled water. The chilled water is then returned to the reservoir to start the chilling cycle over.

Feature Benefits

  • 90 gallon insulated reservoir
  • 3 hp circulation pump
  • Flow switch
  • Mueller Multi-Stage chiller control
  • Only 14 square feet
  • Cost effective, only operates while milking
  • Designed to cool varying milk flows
  • Chiller system ships completely plumbed
  • (2) Evaporator heat exchangers for (2) 5 hp or (2) 10 hp refrigeration units