The Mueller® multi-stage chiller control is custom designed and manufactured to provide programmable and automated staging of chiller refrigeration units. The easy to read front panel controls and two large displays allow the user to quickly and easily determine the status of the chiller equipment. The durable construction and enhanced control circuitry of the multi-stage chiller control ensures maximum cooling and energy efficiency and superior long-term reliability.

Features and Benefits

  • Freeze protection safety control, pressure operated.
  • High temperature and low temperature alarms.
  • Chilled water flow alarm.
  • Fused control circuit.
  • Starter for 5 hp recirculation pump.
  • Remote start compatibility.
  • Touch pad programming.

  • Programmable, 24-volt electronic temperature control with digital temperature displays and sensors.
  • Up to ten independent stages of refrigeration control, including heat/cool modes and independent setpoints.
  • Control and pump voltage options: 208-30/60/3 or 460/60/3. 50 Hz options are available on request.