Mueller Videos

The Mueller Story 4/1/2016

The Mueller Story was handcrafted over 75 years. The blood, sweat and tears that went into this American Dream will forever be etched into thousands of lives. Quality, Customer Service and most of all, People. That's what this story is about.

The Mueller Promise 4/1/2016

The Mueller Promise is based on 60 years of industry experience. We work for dealers and dairy producers all over the World. Shop Mueller if you are looking for life long partner in business.

How To Use A Robot Milking System on a Dairy Farm 4/16/2016

Milking systems are changing the face of dairy farming. The Hoffmanns of Dubuque, Iowa own a century farm and have started milking robotically. With the help of the Mueller® HiPerForm® III and Robotic Interface control (RIC) they continue to keep their constant milk flow cool without worry.

Hoffman Dairy 5/23/2016

Hoffman Dairy Robotic Control